H Plus Son TB14 Rims

The H Plus Son TB14 Rims build into a wheelset that is ready for the pave of flanders or the  back lanes of Rutland.  The box style rims with their distinctive black counterweight come in black, silver or adonised grey (as pictured).  The modern features of the TB14 include a 23mm rim width which helps prevent the ‘light bulb’ effect on the tyre that some narrower rims cause.  Overall this is a very strong rim and has a weight of 490g which isn’t bad for such a strong and versatile rim.   The profile is 14.1mm which gives it that real ‘spring classics’ or retro look.  The drillings for the TB14 come in 23, 34 and 36, so if your after a pair of handbuilts speak to Jack about your requirements and he can advice you on hubs and what type and number of spokes would suit you. RRP £55