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Condor Cycles

Windmill Wheels are now in partnership with Condor Cycles and together offer a unique opportunity to own a truely bespoke British bike. Since 1948 Condor Cycles have been dependent on being aware of current and future technologies. Sixty years ago, most race bikes were bespoke but in today’s market place, a bespoke bicycle is a rarity. Together with Condor Cycles, Windmill Wheels can offer our clients a truely bespoke build.
Condor bicycles have been ridden to World Championship gold medals, ridden in the Tour de France, and have been the choice of many figures in the public limelight, ranging from judges to rock stars. Few brands can claim to have their bikes ridden by cycling household names including Tom Simpson and Bradley Wiggins.

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Condor Bivio-X Frameset

  Ride all week, race all weekend. Discreet rack and mudguard mounts add versatility without sacrificing performance. Bivio-X has you covered from …


Condor Leggero Frameset

  From yellow jersey at the Tour of Korea to all day breakaways, the Leggero frame is all about winning. We work …


Condor Fratello Frameset

  The original superbike is now even better.Our flagship steel frame is as popular as ever. Used as a commuter by some, …


Condor Fratello Disc Frameset

  The original superbike is now even better. Our flagship steel frame is as popular as ever. Used as a commuter by …


Condor Barracchi Frameset

  The Condor Baracchi is a frameset designed to offer comfort without sacrificing speed, making your longest ride the most enjoyable. The …


Condor Acciaio Frameset

The Acciaio is built for long sojourns in the saddle and grand col mountain climbing. It has a longer wheelbase and slightly …


Condor Super Acciaio Frameset

Steel bikes are often ignored as manufacturers innovate and modify with carbon. Condor has been working in steel since 1948 and building …