Condor Acciaio Stainless Frameset


You’ve poured untold hours, miles and sweat into your passion and now Condor delivers a bicycle frame in a material that will lift your experience of cycling to new heights; which makes you want to go out and ride again and again. Stainless steel as a raw material is notoriously difficult to work with, complicating and extending manufacturing times, but the end result is a stunning ride which melds top-tier performance with the ability to be ridden all day, into one, single, purebred bicycle. Each Acciaio Stainless is built upon the request of our customers and is available with Super Acciaio, Acciaio or custom geometry . Each bicycle is offered with a full fit and is available in up to 50 colours.

Price includes frame, fork and headset only – images show example full builds
Frame: Columbus for Condor XCr Stainless steel
Fork: Columbus Minimal 1-1/8″ monocoque
Chris King headset included
Scalloped pinch bolt
Colour: custom colour choice (up to 50 colours available) finished with polished stainless detailing
The Columbus XCr tube material exceeds anything in the market for technological quality and has a higher stiffness to weight ratio than titanium or aluminium, delivering great feel and total confidence at high speeds.
Sizes: offered as standard with custom geometry or stock sizes of endurance, touring or race geometry you favour
Frame weight: 1450g (55cm frame, painted)
Fork weight: 400g