We are a Mavic Wheel Stockist again.

We have chose to be a Mavic Stockist again after recent rim and hub improvements. Mavic also give a very quick repair turn around for racers with the wheel care package or a customer with a warranty issue. If its something we cant fix in store (which is what we prefer) its good to know there is a backup for us.

We have sold out of most of our stock in but will keep them stocked up throughout the year incase you have an important event coming up or looking for a year around upgrade.

So whats our Favourite?

The new carbon rim on the Cosmic Pro series is Best in Class’ braking and reliability. It is often used as a comparitive in wheel reviews costing twice as much for its braking quality.
The Rim.
iTgMax carbon technology for superior heat resistance and reliability.
The laser-treated brake track gives predictable braking in all weather conditions
The unique single carbon layer rim bed wrapping is created without machining or fibre cuts.
The Hub.
The new Instant drive 360 hub is super light and is very fast to engage, low friction seals and good compatibilty means it is used across a number of Mavic wheelsets.