Bike Fitting

Why have a bike fit at windmill wheels ?

You don’t need to be an elite rider to benefit from a bike fit.
Any cyclist whatever their goals, fitness level or riding style can benefit from a bike fit

Here is what you can gain –

Don’t waste energy and power through sub optimal set up.

cycling should be a pleasure not a source of pain, a poor position is very often an uncomfortable one.

Cycling is a very repetitive sport therefore we need to ensure the body is moving in the most bio mechanically efficient way, thus leading to far less injury.

These 3 reasons alone mean you should be able to ride faster for longer and be far less injury prone, nirvana in the world of cycling !

What is the difference between the bike fit services we offer ?

Dynamic- £160
Customer interview to gain information on injury history, goals and aspirations.
Physical evaluation – Check on foot structure, flexibility , Leg Length Discrepancy.
Saddle width – We measure your sit bones and evaluate your current saddle to match.
Cleat setting – The foundation of our classic fit, both in the fore-aft and angular plane.
Saddle adjustment both in height and fore-aft.
Reach – Using our adjustable stem we accurately measure the correct length.
Drop – We adjust the drop to your own flexibility.
Knee tracking – Using a laser line we check and adjust to achieve a goal of linear knee tracking, which gives both comfort and a efficient pedal stroke.
Record all measurements before and after, a report is sent to customer and is kept on file.

With Sidas custom moulded footbeds £230

Saddle adjustment both in height and fore-aft.
Reach and drop adjustment to bring everything to hand, to be able to ride in a nice neutral riding position.
Bar rotation adjustment to bring the controls in position for both comfort and safety.

Feet are measured to determine exactly where the ball of the foot is, this gives the optimum placement for any cleat fitment.
Foot arches are assessed for any additional support that may be needed.
Cleat float – On the bike we adjust the cleats in an angular plane to give the rider not only a powerful pedal stroke but also a comfortable one.
The Cleat setting is the foundation of our classic full bike fit.

Replacing your current footbed with a sidas custom footbed adds comfort
, improved power transfer and adds superb support to any cycling shoe.

The process takes around 30 mins, it can be added to our classic fit or as a stand alone service.

Priced at £80 for the footbeds (second pair at the same time £60)
If you require more information please call us on 01572 787 720 and ask for Andrew.

About Andrew.

Andrew brings with him a lifetime of cycling knowledge in equipment, training, and events.
His cycling background stretches back to the 80’s riding for Team Peugeot and has represented Great Britain in cyclo cross and mtb disciplines, riding many major races in the Uk and Europe the highlight being a ride in the 1989 mtb world championship in Belgium

He formally trained as a Body Geometry Fit Technician ( level 2) and Trek precision fit with Cyclefit of London (level 1) over the past few years. Now he brings to Windmill Wheels a level of service and a menu of fitting services that will suit every rider.

His fitting experience ranges from the brand new rider to the seasoned elite pro rider Road, TT/TRI or Mtb rider. Delivering the fit in a relaxed customer focused session.